Wuyi Yancha

Wuyi cultivar was once popular in the history of Taiwanese tea; however, lots of farmers gave up growing Wuyi cultivars in exchange for other high profit margin cultivars. Then we started to see very few Wuyi cultivars in Taiwan. 
Luckily, we are able to present one of the earliest Wuyi cultivars planted by the father of our friend 30 years ago. Our friend inherited knowledge in farming teas from his father, including the philosophy of growing organic teas. As we have mentioned, Wuyi cultivar is difficult enough in growing and managing; in addition, it produces lower annual yield compared to other high yield cultivars, fruits or crops. Then why insisting in growing organic Wuyi cultivar in Taiwan? It's the history, the romance and both the tangible and intangible cultural heritage.
Cultivar: Wuyi
Region: Yilan
Elevation: 400 meters
Oxidation: Medium
Roast: Medium Dark
What we use
Zhu Ni Red Clay Pot
5g | 150ml | Boiled | 1.5 min

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