Tea Temples - Basic Sets

Each canister contains 8 tea temples.
Each bulk order contains 20 tea temples.

2.5g of teas in a solid triangle tea bag.
This product is designed for a quick sip or at any situation with no tea steeping equipments. Business travels, road trips, campings, office hours, any occasions without your ritual tea sets, or... just simply lazy!
Cold Brew Recommended.
| Choices of |
Jasmine Green
Oolong Raw
Dong Ding
Honey Red
Jin Xuan Red
Hot brew at 50:1 (water : tea) ratio;
Cold brew at 100:1 (water : tea) ratio.
Hot Brew: take 1-2 tea temples in a mug, fill with hot water.
Cold Brew: take 1-2 tea temples in a 500ml (16-18oz) bottle and refrigerate for a night (approximately 8 hours). 
This product has NO strings and NO tags.

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