- Tea Temples - Basic Sets

Each bulk bag order contains 10 tea temples.

3g ±5% of teas in a solid triangle tea bag.
This particular item is intended for those who are new to tea drinking or for situations where traditional tea-making equipment is not available. Whether you're on a business trip, road trip, camping, working in the office, or simply feeling too lazy to prepare your usual tea set, this product is perfect for any occasion when you need a quick and easy tea fix.
| Choices of |
Dong Ding Oolong (Modern)
Milky Jin Xuan Oolong
Four Seasons Oolong
Purple Bud
High Mountain Oolong (Shanlinxi)
Hot brew at 50:1 (water : tea) ratio;
Cold brew at 100:1 (water : tea) ratio.
Hot Brew: take 1-2 tea temples in a mug, fill with hot water.
Cold Brew: take 1-2 tea temples in a 500ml (16-18oz) bottle and refrigerate for a night (approximately 8 hours). 
This product has NO strings and NO tags.

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