Shanlinxi Raw Oolong

Our contracted field continues to exceed our quality standard. For an enduring long term partner, Shanlinxi tea region has never disappointed us. This region is well known for its "chi" along the flavor profile and it has always been difficult to find this exceptional tea with affordable pricing, even when it's contracted. This year, we turned to our lower elevation lot and we wanted to share you this outstanding tea which surpasses our expectations with a fair price.
Please note that this tea is not refined as we wanted to keep its original form.
Strong sweetness, buttery, floral end, medium heavy body
Cultivar: Chin Shin
Region: Shanlinxi
Elevation: 1300 meters
Oxidation: Light
What we use
Zhu Ni Red Clay Pot
6g | 150ml | Boiled | 1 min

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