- Pineapple Coffee Cake - Pastry


When you immerse yourself in the rich aroma of whole leaf tea, paired with a traditional crispy and delicious pineapple pastry, the unique taste and charm will make you feel delighted. The combination of the coffee-flavored crust and the pineapple jam filling in the pineapple pastry allows your taste buds to experience a perfect balance of crispiness, sweetness, and sourness.

While enjoying pineapple pastry, you can savor the rich layering of the coffee beans, feeling the taste of caramel, chocolate, nuts, and toasted bread in the aroma of the coffee used. This pairs perfectly with the fresh and tangy taste of the pineapple pastry, giving you a wonderful taste experience.

If you want a delicious companion to enjoy a leisurely afternoon or to share with close friends, you will surely feel satisfied and happy with the unique flavor brought by the COPA pineapple pastry.

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