Lishan White

Grown deep inside the mountain paths of our contracted fields in Lishan region. After evaluating the conditions of this wild field, we handpicked these beautiful wild cultivars. The environment of this wild field is full of wild animals, fruits and flowers. There is a complete ecosystem without any serious damages to the trees. The micro weather and the angle of the sunlight are perfect; soils seem to be nutritious and not so moisturized; and the altitude prevents harmful pests. We went into the tea field as less people as possible, and we leave the tea field as wild as possible. 
We have always wanted to process one of the best white teas grown in Taiwan. Now that we have one of the best environmental conditions along with the right cultivars, the result came out...
Well, you be the judge.
Lively notes of tropical fruits, mild creaminess
Cultivar: Unclear|Arbor
Region: Lishan
Altitude: 1800 meters
Oxidization: Medium Light
What we use
5g | 150ml | 190F | 30 sec

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