Lishan Soft Stem

Another high mountain field in Lishin, Cuiluan, the big Lishan area. Out of so many remarkable tea gardens in the region, this field first caught our attention by its obsessive neatness.
Water shortages hit many tea fields this year. This was one of the victims. Nevertheless, the draught did not suppress nor scare off the farmers. Instead of looking for help and subsidies from the government, they evaluated the situation, rectified protocols by sacrificing some bushes, re-distributing water resources and excessive fertilizers, along with many more attentive cares. With such limited water to grow, the day of harvest came a lot later than usual. But the hard works paid off; surprisingly, the quality this year surpasses all previous years. It is truly a resilient tea.
Jasmine floral blossom with wooden essence
Cultivar: Soft Stem Oolong
Region: Lishan
Elevation: 1200 meters
Oxidation: Light
What we use
6g | 150ml | 201F | 1 min

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