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Fushoushan Farm's signature product, Fushoushan Changchun Tea, originated from the impact of the government's decision to open apple imports, which greatly affected the local high-altitude apple prices. In order to transform and seek alternative products, the farm actively explored the cultivation of new and emerging species. The varieties planted included Qingxin Oolong, Wuyi, and Tie Guan Yin. In August 1983, General Zheng Weiyuan, the Chairman of the Retired Servicemen's Advisory Committee of the Executive Yuan, officially named the tea produced by the farm as "Fushoushan Changchun Tea".

The tea trees planted at the farm grow in virgin land at the critical point of fertility in the original forest, with fertile and unpolluted soil, no pests, and ample sunlight and ultraviolet rays suitable for plant growth. Clouds and mist often surround the area in the afternoon, moistening the leaves and providing natural abundant nutrients and trace elements. Moreover, due to the cool climate, slow growth, and accumulation of more nutrients, various vitamins, and aromatic and sweet substances than ordinary tea leaves, the tea produced is considered the best in the world, with the clouds and mist in the afternoon reducing the bitterness of the tea soup. The tea garden management adopts grass cultivation, maintaining the natural park landscape on the slopes, and the ecological environment is carefully maintained, using organic fertilizers, and only conducting two to four rounds of disease and pest control per year, sending the relevant academic units to test for pesticide residues before picking and processing. The tea has been produced using the baozhong-style tea-making method for many years, with the tea leaves tender and thick, and the finished product showing a floral fragrance and fruity aroma, with a sweet and smooth taste that is mellow and rich. The water is clear and bright, with a golden-yellow color from start to finish, and it is known for its long-lasting and enduring brew. It is nearly three times more expensive than ordinary tea leaves on flat land and is a mild, healthful, and functional tea.

Micro Lot

Region : Fushou region
Cultivate :  Chin Shin Oolong
Elevation : 2200m - 2500m
Oxidization : Light

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