Dong Ding Oolong

Another classic Taiwanese tea. Dong Ding has been one of the most complicated processing teas in the years of making Taiwanese Oolongs. It is also one of the most time consuming teas to make with diligent work in details. Roasting is the essential key for the famous Dong Ding since the 80's. We sourced this tea from the well known Lugu county. It is a textbook Dong Ding for those who have never seen nor tasted.
Wheat, nutty and sweet like maltose, ripe tropical fruits with strong body. A daily drinker that warms up your body after sipping it. 
Cultivar: Chin Shin Oolong
Region: Lugu
Altitude: 800 meters
Oxidization: Medium
What we use
Zhu Ni Red Clay Pot
5g | 150ml | 201F | 2 min

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