Dong Ding Aged Red Water Oolong

The most traditional craftsmanship of Dong Ding Oolong we have ever seen. We purchase the teas originally from the producer of this tea. The team inherited the method of every manufacturing aspect since the earliest generations. Not only the environment has been under the same management with improvements along the years, but also the hand picked processing, oxidizing, rolling, roasting, and storing properly for developments of aging are all decently done.
The processing of this particular Dong Ding Oolong may not be the most complicated we've seen, but it is definitely one simple job that requires experiences and patiences. The hardest part of this tea is to determine when the teas need to be taken out from storages, and to wood fire the teas only using Longan woods for hours and repeatedly monthly, annually for 7 years, until the flavors are formed and settled.
woody incense
Cultivar: Chin Shin Oolong
Region: Lugu
Altitude: 1200 meters
Oxidization: Medium
Roast: Medium Dark | Annually for 7 years
What we use
Zhu Ni Red Clay Pot
5g | 150ml | 201F | 2.5 min

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