Blue Jade Oolong

Cuiyu is one of the most successful cultivars nurtured by the officials (TRES). It was also one of the most famous teas besides Dong Ding Oolong and Oriental Beauty. One of the most well known daily drinker.
This time, we partnered up with an Alishan young farmer who specialized in withering. It is the key to structural flavors, whether it is developed into a complete profile with desired flavors or cultivar flavor (milky, sweetened formula milk in this case). We found this farmer like an artist, proficient in details yet well executed with speed. The aroma of tea leaves was spread throughout the whole site of the co-op. This is when we decided to particularly partner up with this artist when it comes to Cuiyu. 
Cultivar: Cuiyu
Region: Alishan
Elevation: 1500 meters
Oxidation: Light
What we use
6g | 150ml | 201F | 2 min

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