Black Leaf

One of the breeds brought from Fujian, China when the Han people migrated to Taiwan. However, most of the farmers back then gave up growing because it is fragile. It catches diseases and the insects pest regularly. Then over time, scrap yields force farmers to replace most fields with other varietals under economical pressures. 
This family we acquainted is committed. They have been devoted their times to nurture and make improvements. Now that it's shaped in a stable yield with consistent quality, we wanted to introduce this elegant, quaint yet complex tea to you.
Scent of orchid, floral, mild sweetness and silky body
Cultivar: Shui Xian
Region: Pinlin
Elevation: 300 meters
Oxidation: Medium Light
Roast: Light
What we use
6g | 150ml | 185F | 25 sec

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