Lightly fermented oolong teas are renowned for their floral notes, while moderately to heavily fermented oolong teas often feature the sweet and ripe fruit undertones. In Taiwan, two oolong tea varieties reign supreme in the realm of lightly fermented teas.

One is the high mountain tea, with Alishan and Lishan being the most famous growing regions. The other is the lowland tea known as Wenshan Baozhong, with Pinglin tea-producing region in the Wenshan area acclaimed for producing exceptional Wenshan Baozhong tea. Wenshan Baozhong tea belongs to the category of lightly fermented oolong teas, with a fermentation level typically ranging from 8% to 12%.

Well-crafted Wenshan Baozhong tea exhibits a distinctive feature: after brewing, when you unfurl the tea leaves, you will notice perfectly green leaves with a red edge. This red edging is a result of the tea leaves' fermentation process. It imparts a floral character to the tea. 


Cultivar: JinXuan
Region: Pinglin
Elevation: 300 meters
Oxidation: Light
* The factory is certified with ISO 22000 and HACCP, featuring year-round temperature and humidity control, dedicated areas, and cleanliness, free from contamination. Extended low-temperature preserves the aroma and color of the tea leaves, enhancing the flavor of ingredients. 

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