Assamica Red

Originated from the time when the Japanese colonized Taiwan, Assam black tea from India was introduced and cultivated in Sun Moon Lake due to the demand of black teas worldwide. The large leaf Assam was one of the most successful cultivars developed in the area.
Sun Moon Lake is now the main region of extraordinary black tea production in Taiwan. However, it is very limited under the rugged terrain and the small sizes of gardens. We are very lucky to be a part of this small lot. Unlike most of other black teas, this particular Assamica we sourced is profound and does not leave any kind of uncomfortable bitter nor strong astringent aftertaste.
Clean and delivers mild sugarcane with malty aroma. 
Cultivar: 8 Assamica
Region: Sun Moon Lake
Elevation: 600-700 meters
Oxidation: Full
What we use
6g | 150ml | Boiled | 50 sec 

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