Melody White


It's unusual to find a white tea from the Sun Moon Lake region as it is more famous for its black teas. Besides our previously released #18 Ruby White Tea, Sun Moon Lake #21 Melody white tea, is a unique and intriguing addition to the world of tea. White tea is typically known for its delicate and subtle flavors, which are quite different from the bold and robust characteristics of black teas produced in the same region. Its flavor profile is natural sweetness and light, floral notes. One of our most elegant and prestige teas we could ever offer.
Cultivar: 21 Melody
Region: Sun Moon Lake
Elevation: 780 meters
Oxidation: Medium (Post Oxidized)
* The factory is certified with ISO 22000 and HACCP, featuring year-round temperature and humidity control, dedicated areas, and cleanliness, free from contamination. Extended low-temperature preserves the aroma and color of the tea leaves, enhancing the flavor of ingredients. 

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