Lala Mountain

Not only the temperature difference changes dramatically between day and night, but the soils in the region contains rich organic compounds. The micro weather, the abundant nutritious soils and the touches of attentive farmers create flavorful experience. The environment of this tea field location is very ideal for tea trees to grow. Unlike Lishan and other alpine tea fields where sun light is usually limited, which could cause the teas to hardly complete a full natural withering at most of the times. Therefore, this environment creates another unique alpine tea specialty characters outside mainstream regions. 
It will soon become a trend.
Delicate, fruity, sugarcane, silky, long lasting after taste. 
Cultivar: Chin Shin Oolong
Region: Lala Mountain
Elevation: 1700 meters
Oxidation: Light
What we use
Zhu Ni Red Clay Pot
6g | 150ml | Boiled | 1.2 min

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