Honey Glamour Black

Bitten by the leaf hoppers intentionally from our chemical free and natural farming tea fields. This particular product mimics the processing of making an Oriental Beauty in the beginning. The leaf hoppers were considered to be pests and a flaw to the overall flavors. It has now been utilized to enhance the uniqueness in terms of flavors. 
It was quite challenging to make sure every leaf is bitten evenly; frankly, it is already challenging enough to make sure every leaf is bitten at all. To make sure the quality is up to our par, handpick is essential in the process. Testing the balance of the bitten and unbitten leaves is the final step. As we continue to correct our production process, it has become one of our most popular items of all time.
The name of the tea comes from the unique honey flavor. It is also elegant, osmanthus, floral with a hint of limey sour in the aftertaste balancing the overall taste.
Cultivar: Jin Xuan
Region: Nantou
Altitude: 600 meters
Oxidization: Heavy
What we use
6g | 150ml | 201F | 40 sec 

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