We want you to experience Taiwanese oolong tea as it was meant to be enjoyed – as an integral part of your daily life. Throughout history, oolong tea has been a part of every aspect of Taiwanese culture, from ceremonies and social gatherings to calligraphy and art. Each cup of tea made from our handcrafted whole leaf tea is steeped in the love, care, and respect that comes from generations of skilled tea-makers and tea-lovers across the globe.

As Taiwanese tea farmers, we want to conserve and celebrate our rich culture and history by sharing a cup of tea with you. However, we’re more than farmers. Our team at Grand Crew has made scientific research into environmentalism and sustainability a core part of our farming and development processes. We want to be as kind to the environment as it is to us, and that means using techniques and pesticides that do good instead of harm. Whether you’re buying wholesale or retail, we want you to know that each cup of artisanal tea is produced sustainably, from farm to table.


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Grand Crew Tea

The Taiwanese Art of Tea

Grand Crew has followed the evolution of Taiwan’s tea art to bring you a handcrafted whole leaf tea that you’ll love. Despite our Taiwanese oolong tea’s rich and complex history, you don’t need years of tea-making experience to enjoy it. We’ll give you the tools, skills, and techniques you need to create the perfect cup, every time. Our oolong teas have a mellow, coffee-like aroma that you can savor whenever you’d like. We keep our tea-making steps as simple as possible so that you can turn drinking tea into the highlight of your day.

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About Brewing..

Do you want to learn how to make the perfect oolong tea with an easy-to-follow brewing guide? Click on the button below, and we’ll teach you tea-making skills you’ll cherish for life. We’ll also give you a window into the world of Taiwanese oolong tea production with captivating videos that showcase our gardens, factories, co-ops, and more. Grand Crew wants to make you a part of every step of the process, so you know exactly what goes into bringing a steaming cup of artisanal tea to your hand.

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Wholesale Program

Do you own a tea-shop, café, or a restaurant? We’ll provide you with low-MOQ teas and sourcing services that suit your business’s unique needs and demands. You don’t need to slave away to give your clients or customers a high-quality and pure tea.

We’re happy to collaborate! From direct trading to carrying our brand at your outlet or store, our team will work hand-in-hand with yours to get premium Taiwanese oolong tea right to your door.

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